Target Savings:

We help meet your target for specific needs either is for asset or equipment acquisition, vacation, education, health care etc. Just set aside an amount that will grow over desired period to achieve your dream. This savings attracts some interests for your overall benefit. This scheme is designed for both members and non – members of our cooperative, it is our modular scheme projection as we encourage members to save towards a target.


1. Regular Savings-earn marginal interest 2. ContraFin Savings: Asset & Equipment Savings- Safe 40%, apply for a loan to buy an equipment (Sewing Machine, Washing Machine, TV, Generator etc), domicile ownership until you pay back loan and still keep your savings.

Assets & Portfolio Management

At Contragate we invest, manage your funds and growing with you. We offer you risk-free investment portfolio with impressive returns on your funds

Sales, Lease & Buy-Back:

Sales, Lease & Buy Back- Drop an Asset e.g Car, get a quick cash loan and buy-back your asset after paying up your loan.

Securities Trading

At Contragate Ltd our primary role as stockbrokers is timely and efficient execution of orders (buys and sells), in order to ensure that maximum benefits accrue to our customers. These services include


Our Loan Portfolio includes: Personal loans, Group lending, Car loan and Business loan etc Others:  Bridging Loan  Salary Advance  Savings with intrest  Thrift Collection (Ajo Special)  Education Fund Loans (EduFund)  Equipment financing

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