About Us

Contragate Integrated (Finance) Limited is a conglomerate with many areas of interest, the Company was founded and duly Registered with CAC on the 12th of July 2012.

Our interest in Agriculture, Finance, Portfolio Management, Leasing, Contracting, merchandising etc. helps to cater for our customers’ needs across our business interest and capability.

Our focus is on helping our clients realize their long-term financial goals. We do this by creating well-diversified portfolios of carefully selected strategies that are aimed at understanding the industry in which our clients operate and rendering advice in a manner designed to achieve specific return targets within defined risk limits.

Contragate integrated limited has three subsidiaries currently which are all functional to attaining the overall vision and target of our founders.

Our subsidiaries includes:

  • Contragate Financial Services
  • Contragate Agro-Biz/ Merchants
  • Contragate Thrift & Cooperative Society

We Exist Solely to Provide you with unrivalled Services




CFS is a subsidiary of Contragate Integrated Limited. We offer a wide range of product which focuses at creating wealth and to help our customers enhance their lifestyle while rendering hitch free transaction day in and out.

Our products and services includes but not limited to Lending (LOANS) and Leasing, Financial Advisory, Stock and Securities Trading, Asset /Portfolio Management and Investments. Our expertise in the Financial, Pensions and Insurance Sector leaves us no doubt that your partnership with us will ensure a win-win situation with wealth creation as our ultimate goal.


We believe that investment success comes from the disciplined application of a sound process, guided by a proven philosophy. Our time-tested philosophy lays the foundation for overcoming obstacles that often prevent investors from reaching their financial goals.


To be the most preferred financial advisory firm in Nigeria by providing clients with informed choices of lasting value and create wealth for them consistently.


Contragate aims to be the most useful, reliable and efficient provider of reliable Financial Services. It is our continuous endeavor to be a trustworthy advisor to our clients, helping them to achieve their financial goals.


Trust worthiness       Innovation

Resilience                 Professionalism

Our experience

Financial Services 87%
Business Services 75%
Consumer Products 63%
Consultancy 50%